Happy Holidays!

Thats it kids, its time,we have been waiting all year for this..
Portugal here we come, expect less blogs and maybe more vlogs!
sorry but life is for living and i need to enjoy my holiday with my family people! I am thinking of getting lots of video footage for you guys though on my new camera follow my youtube channel is:-jaydyne overton to see clips, videos and my little adventures.
we go to Portugal every year we are so lucky, we love to stay in the same area/place and sometimes even the same Villa, its Praia de Luz in the Algarve its so beautiful, i call it my second home now.

so im currently packing my suitcase, i have just stopped for a little break, i have some last minute tidying to do, and i need to sort my pets out as they are going on holiday too, to a friends house where there are 10 people in the household! Bug and Splodge will not be bored! they have been there before so im not worried and i told them yesterday and they seemed to get excited haha maybe that was because i was holding food also.

and then as if we are not busy enough made it exciting, i am racing tonight, (i dont want to miss do i), yes another 5k at Peterborough part of the 5k grand prix series again, but this one in menory of a great friend Barney who we lost to cancer. He ran for NVH also like myself and my father he was my dads best friend, so all the group and others, come together to race for him. i’m looking forward to it, hoping i can push myself and get a PB with all the adrenaline in me for holiday! after the race we have to come home and get lots of sleep because we have to get up at 3:30am it will kill me but i will be buzzing too!
Cant wait to get that sun on me expect videos, and lots of pictures of my fun out there. Will also be doing some warm weather training so i will keep you updated on that.so theres a little update and i shall chat to you all soon!
who would like to see a video workout or training? who would like me to write up a routine i do? who wants to see my travelling pictures or vlogs? food pictures?
Leave me a comment below!

Happy Holidays
Much love J x


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