Cool Cardio

ok so cardio isn’t for everyone. but for me a runner its life..

what is cardio?

cardio stands for cardiovascular exercise. Exercises invloving the circulatory system, the heart and blood vessels. Any activuty that gets your heart rate to around 50 to 70% of your maximum heart rate is and can be classed as cardio.

what are the benefits?

Cardio helps you, creates a stronger heart, a stronger circulatory system delivers more nutrients, helps reduce stress, helps lose weight, keeps you thinking better and your brain younger, can help ease and get rid of depression, can help improve your sleep, increases bone density, helps with self confidence, helps with metabolism, digestion and hormones!  Helps in building stamina and prevents cholesterol and high blood pressure, helps in maintaining bone density and age-related bone-mineral loss, aids in preventing bone related ailments like osteoporosis, improves concentration, helps build resistance, recovery ability.

What activities are cardio?

Walking, running, swimming, cycling, sprinting, jogging, dancing,  aerobics, spin, elliptical, rowing.. Any activity that gets your heart rate to around 50 to 70% of your maximum heart rate is and can be classed as cardio.

Is it all you should do?

A mix is the best in my opnion. to get the best out of your body. Some say more cardio some say more weights this is just my ideas. Resistance exercises alongside your cardio are extremely good, being strong as well as fit. Resistance and weight bareing exercises are also extremely beneficial! (i will do another post on lifting weights and resitance/ body weight exercises).

Research whats best for your own body, what cardio is best for you that won’t cause your body upset or injuries, remember this is just my advice make sure you do your own research!


happy cardio’ing’
much love J


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