Cute Clothes

ok so im not the most fashionable person most of the time i have no idea what I’m doing, but i sure do love clothes, fashion and shoes, like i said in my youtube video, i would describe my fashion style as a little bit cute, vintage, different style, i love dresses and lace, and lots of things from online and camden market just things a little different.

im not into the body con dress, showing my middle in the freezing cold, thats just me. of course every event, and night out is different and i sure own a few pairs of heels but for every day wear I’m a little bit casual and funky, or shall i say everyday I’m usually in work clothes, trackies or my Pj’s oh and i can’t forget my famous, pink dressing gown..

I’m no fashion diva and have no idea what I’m talking about my mother on the other had is much cooler than i and just gets it, so i get her help, yes she still dresses me and I’m 21. but i thought i would share a short and sweet post on some of my recent favourite, cute pieces of clothing just to give you an idea of what i like..

any clothing recommendations you have please leave a comment or link below, love to hear from any of you, i need all the help i can get, fashion and make up i really need a guide!

i love dresses and i hate jeans, here are just a few of my fave outfits. pictures below..
framfest festival adidas dress
my sports wear of course
my vintage lace lily j skater dress from camden
skater jess wright skirt with lace top/dress
red/pink skater prom style halter neck dress
my onesie/Pjs yay
band Ts, including the vigilantes and the ultraviolet march tops
lace top, black dress/dungarees
checkered jackets and comfy leggings
scuba material dresses
nike rose runs, and Dr Martens,and cute pumps and converse
scrappy summer pink skater scuba dress
silk cream halter neck dress
high waisted shorts and baggy Ts all the way
denim dungerees, and floral jumpsuits
my elsa costume when im else of course..
ellesse and other sports top for when i chill,
denim baggy jeans, GB jacket
irregular choice heels
pastel pinks, ragged preist dress
FILA vintage reworked dress
fluffy coats

sometimes i love shopping for clothes other days it can be nightmare! but at the end of the day we all need them!

happy shopping
much love J


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