Recent Races..

So now you know a little bit about me and my family.. As you have gathered we are a very sport orientated family and i am a runner. So now we can move onto talking about some of my running adventures and some of my more recent races.

I have done lots of races in my lifetime now.. But in the past 6 months i have done a 10 mile road race about 5, 10k’s and about 3, 5k’s race wise anyway.. (Training on the other hand a completely different story)

(For those that dont know 10k is 10,000 metres which is 6.2 miles, 5k is 5,000 metres which is 3.1 miles)
You can not peak and be at your very best for every race espacially when you are doing so many, so just i try my hardest and train hard to try and knock seconds of my PBs. Most of the time its not about racing against other people and what place you come its mostly about the time the personal best you have achieved, a race agaist your own time, a race agaist the clock!

All races are different and some are harder than others depending on distnace, terrain (grass,road,track) the weather, or how i was feeling that day. But what i love is the fact that after every single one i can think of something good whether it was ‘i got a PB’ or ‘i got a medal’ or ‘dads proud of that one’or ‘that was a tough course but my chest condition wasnt as bad as i expected’ – every little thing is a step, every little thing, i am then a little bit more proud.

Running is, a lot of strain on the whole body, a lot of athletes have many injuries.. But the endorphins you get are like a drug, the feeling you get from it, the pleasure, the escape. Running becomes addictive as it can help so much in so many ways. (I will write a seperate blog post on how cardio and exercise in general can help in so many way thats just getting fitter.)

Many people find running boring and hard work, slowing plodding round to just try and get a little fitter some hate it. And that is cool. Running is not for everyone!! Running is not only hard on the body but on the mind too they work together! There are many other ways to get helathy, fit, to keep active and fit in that cardio, running has just become my little love.
For anyone that wants any advice or tips, or has any questions at all!! Feel free to message me on my facebook jaydyne1 or email me at

happy running
Much love J x


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