Rest, Religiously..

recovery and rest is needed full stop, no matter how  big or small the break, just take a break!
doesn’t matter if your, working hard, training hard, or just getting so caught up in the hutsle and bustle of life, every needs a break, even you!

how do you take a break how do you chill? now i now lots of you will answer i chill out by training, going for a run, or working, i know that feeling, i do the same! but sometimes you need to switch it up, into something you don’t usually do, but something that will also relax you, its not all about sleeping lots, not moving or doing nothing, we switch ‘off’ and ‘rest’ in many ways, like –

  • going for a long soak in the bath, add the bubbles, the candles, throw in the muscle soak
  • eating your favourite foods! mine being sweeties mmm,
  • going to festivals, watching your favourite bands and artists at concerts
  • watching a good film, escaping the world for a couple of hours and living in someone else’s can be really relaxing
  • blogging, writing a diary, making lists this is a big one for me i like to type away for an hour or so getting engrossed in something other than the norm can become relaxing.
  • holiday, well off course a big one for lots of people getting away from home in the UK or abroad, changing the scenery and resting up from day to day life, we all need a bit of that.
  • chilling, chatting and cuddles with family and boyfriend is some of my favourite times, they usually end in laughter (the best medicine)
  • i love watching silly programmes and series, i love a good BBC crime series or goggle box on a friday night, a good laugh always helps me relax
  • a few drinks with friends, i have to be honest i love a glass of Prosecco or five! this really relaxes me haha!
  • sitting in the sun (i need this more)
  • reading a good book, getting all lost in the characters..
  • massages, sometimes my legs need to just relax from all the training.
  • getting pampered.. whether its spa days, or getting my hair and nails done whatever for that period of time i don’t have to think they do.
  • shopping, a little retail therapy is always good for everyone (bar the bank card)
  • cooking, my mum gets excited about cooking, and i know lots of people who love to do a bit of baking to relax as they never get the chance
  • sleeping, of course the most crucial to our rest and the most relaxing!
  • visiting family and friends have a good chat and cups of tea
  • going on picnics and long slow walks, chatting for hours with a loved one
  • playing with animals i know just 10 minutes with my pets and i feel ok again..
  • going out for meals with family and friends.
  • trying a different hobby maybe, i love practicing some of my old hobbies like trampolining or gymnastics
  • foam rolling, hard work but so good for our muscles once its done i feel so relaxed
  • parties and nights out, socialising..
  • doing my makeup sometimes i can get so excited to get ready and practicing doing my makeup.

all these are just ideas of how you can escape the normal regime, sometimes we just need our minds and our bodies to shut off and it can be very difficult, we need days out from work and training so that we can recover, cope and carry it on another day, i always take rest days from work, assignments and training, sometimes it may just be a morning usually a whole day or whole weekend so my mind has a complete break.. i feel its the best thing then the next day,or the next time I come to it, I’m all fresh and buzzing and ready to go again. we are here to work hard and play hard, not just work. so enjoy your rest days, take more of them and enjoy life!

here are some pictures below of me relaxing, chilling, and looking rather different to when I’m usually working or training..

happy resting!
Much Love J


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