Sunday Snooze.. preparing for Monday madness..

afternoon guys and gals, think happy, be happy, sunday it is, the best day to – workout, eat your favourite foods and see your favourite people!! Today i have just done that, i started my day with a 3 mile run, and then went for Sunday lunch with my mama and papa at our local pub. Sunday is also a great day to reflect on the week to think about the great things that happened and think about what you want from the week coming.. currently sat drinking tea, waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work, i have made a ‘to do’ list which i start tomorrow on my monday of madness, its a long list as long as my arm quite literally but i can’t wait to start tackle it. most evenings i make a to list from things such as ‘go for 3 mile run’ to ‘clean bathroom’, or ‘send email to..’ then no matter how big or small i can cross it off and get things done, which for some reason i find quite exciting.. try it! get a new book, notepad or make notes on your phone, knock them of as you go, you will get lots done and feel very productive! Top tip for your monday madness tomorrow, have a great relaxing evening fitfam!

Happy Evening
Much Love J


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