Hello, Fab Friends!

Hello angels, this is my first ever blog post waaaat can’t believe I’ve plucked up the courage to start this but sometimes you just have to go for it and be daring and do what you love no matter what others says or how others may judge you. So hello, and yes welcome to my world! which is briefly fitness, running majorly is my life, having a healthy lifestyle is everything and sharing my views, ideas, tips, advice and goals will be shared with you lovely people to help you aim, become inspired and achieve all you want to! So follow me for weekly updates.. Time to get cracking on with my ideas..
Any questions or more info you would like feel free to email me jaydyne11@hotmail.co.uk

and follow me on –
instagram – @jaydynerun @gymchickrun
Twitter – @jaydyne_ and @gymchickrun
Personal Facebook – jaydyne1

Happy Hello Fitfam
Much Love J
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8 thoughts on “Hello, Fab Friends!

      1. No reason to be nervous! It’s definitely a learning experience. As a fellow newb, I suggest joining Facebook groups for bloggers. You learn a TON and build a group for support. It’s helped me so much. Plus, the more friends you make in the blogging world, the more your personality comes across in your blog. You’re talking amongst friends.

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